How to Make – CannaFlour

When baking with Cannaflour, try to stay below one-quarter of the flour measurements that is substituted for.
(eg. recipes that says 4 cups of flour will be substituted to 3 cups of flour and 1 cups of Cannaflour)
This is for optimal flavours and consistency in the finished product.
Keep temperatures between 239 to 400°F / 115 – 204.4°C when baking and cooking with cannabis.
Temperatures above that point will burn off the terpenes and cannabinoids changing flavour and reduce medicinal effects.
CannaFlour Can be made with dry plant material, or for a more potent effect decarboxylate before infusion.


What You Need

The ingredients and materials you will need to make CannaFlour are:

  • Coffee grinder or Mortar and pestle
  • 1 Cup flour
  • 1/2 Cup finely grounded plant material



Remove all stems and seeds, then grind the plant material finely for best consistency.
Mix the grinded plant material together with the flour, and its finished.


Important Things to Remember

Always make sure that the plant material is dry with as low moist percantage as possible, for reducing risk in developing Mold in the flour,
if you choose not to decarboxylate the plant material first.

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